Youku Original is our collection of original, Youku-produced video content, from multi-season web serials, short web movies, and online reality shows to talk shows and many other original creations, including branded content. Based on our deep understanding of viewers’ needs, habits and preferences, Youku Original content has enjoyed high ratings, consistently taking high slots on our Youku Index ranking lists. Our first web serial, “Hip Hop Office Quartet”, earned its first 100 million views by its third season in 2010. Old Boys, the 30-minute-long finale of the GM-sponsored “11 Degrees” New Media Film Project, was hailed as an online classic when it its premiered in November 2010, and it has racked up 50 million views on Youku by 2012. The Old Boys theme song has even become a karaoke staple around the country.

While Youku Original's success may begin by touching the hearts of individual Chinese viewers, its quality and appeal are widely recognized on the international stage, too. Youku Original micro-movies have screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and the Hong Kong Film Festival, where they impressed international audiences with their heartfelt originality and premier production values.

Youku Original's popularity and success has caught the attention of major international corporations like GM and Philips, who recognized that partnering with us to create original sponsored content is a surefire way of establishing a rapport with our more than 400 million sophisticated users. Even international corporations like Pepsi have recognized Youku's reputation by choosing Youku as headquarters for Chinese New Year music video campaigns that go viral and attract millions upon millions of views.