Youku Music to Live Webcast Psy's New Debut

BEIJING, April 11, 2013  -- Youku Tudou Inc, China's leading internet television company ("Youku Tudou"), today announced that it had signed a deal to be the exclusive China host of the webcast of Korean megastar Psy's upcoming April 13th concert, where he will debut his first new song since "Gangnam Style" and the trademark horse-riding dance that took the world by storm. The concert, which will be broadcast simultaneously on YouTube, will then be available on-demand on Youku and Tudou for a full year.
The Psy webcast kicks off an exciting new partnership between Youku Tudou and Korea's YG Entertainment. YG's official Youku channel will land shortly and host hundreds of hot music videos from artists like Psy and boy band Big Bang, and will constantly update with the latest hits from YG's first-tier stable of talent.
YG is far from the first record label to team up with Youku Tudou. In fact, Youku Music is the single largest and most effective platform for music promotion in China, with a collection of more than tens of thousands of music videos, or 90% of the videos available in China. Renowned international labels like Sony, EMI, Rock Records, Warner Music, Universal Music, King Records, and Huayi Brothers all have official channels on Youku Music. All of this high-quality content has been rewarded with huge traffic as users flock to Youku Tudou in huge numbers. Youku Tudou's music content attracts more viewers than all of its competitors combined.
Youku Tudou doesn't just present stars – it creates them. Through the Youku Talent platform, Youku Tudou has helped make unlikely celebrities out of ordinary Chinese citizens and in the process become a go-to launchpad for China's newest stars. The latest Youku Talent endeavor is "Legendary Me," an online music talent show launched in 2012 to highlight and promote "grassroots talents" from among the site's viewer base.
Aside from being massively popular and inspiring, Youku Tudou's music content is a lucrative source of sponsorship and advertising. Legendary Me, for example, was sponsored by food and beverage company Yinlu, while Tudou Groovin', a Tudou original music show, this February attracted a multi-million dollar partnership with Australian casual clothing chain Jeanswest. Even international corporations like Pepsi have recognized Youku Tudou's reputation as a hotspot for music, choosing Youku as headquarters for Chinese New Year music video campaigns that go viral and attract millions upon millions of views.
Dele Liu, President of Youku Tudou, weighed in on the new partnership, saying, "Youku Tudou is happy to provide a vast platform and eager audience for the world-class music of YG Entertainment. Content this good promotes itself."
About Youku Tudou Inc.
Youku Tudou Inc. is China's leading Internet television company. Through and, China's two largest online video platforms, Youku Tudou offers viewers a rich library of premium licensed content, user generated content, and original in-house productions. Our mission is to become the primary source of online video content for Chinese internet users across all Internet-enabled devices. Youku Tudou's American depositary shares are traded on NYSE under the symbol "YOKU."